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Selected Credits



FLCL: Shoegaze - Harumi - Adult Swim

Enchantimals: Glam Party - Charisse Cheetah - Mindshow

Rainbow High - Blu Brooks - MGA Entertainment

Beyblade Burst QuadDrive - Thiago, Additional Voices - Disney XD

Resident Evil: Death Island - Additional Voices - Sony

In/Spectre - UkiyeAdditional Voices - Crunchyroll

Orient - Additional Voices - Crunchyroll

Fire In His Fingertips - Megumi Sasahara - Ascendent Animation

Dr. Crafty - Vinny, Serena, Frankie, Mabell, Scout, Various - Alexander Tansley

Paige - Paige - Danny Mendiola

Welcome to Demon School Iruma-Kun Season 2 - Walla - Crunchyroll

Beyblade Burst Turbo - Walla Disney XD

End Game - Danielle - SNAPT Films

Swift and Loose - Nancy Black - Railtoons

Game Shenanigans: Resident Evil VII - Mia, New Wife - Mike Bettencourt

Reel Life Serena Matthews - SNAPT Films

Game Over - Hall Monitor - Bored Nugget

Tabloids Lisa, Walla - Slanted House Productions

Video Game/Interactive

Genshin Impact - Caribert, Scarlett, Forest Ranger - Formosa Interactive, miHoYo

Disgaea 7 - Gunslinger, Armor Knight, Fight Mistress - NIS America

Dunk Lords - Jules - Story Fort LLC

Incompatible Species - Anelia - Stephanie Arata

Repurpose DJ RoadkillRepurpose Studios

The Hayseed Knight - Barkeep - Maxi Molina

Strangers of the Power - Francine - Tuomo Laine

Bloody Chronicles - Waitress - Igrasil Studio

The Divine Speaker Oxhabor Woman - Two and a Half Studios

Audio Drama/PODCAST

Afflicted - Rhonda Caldwell - Ransom Media Productions

Sink With Me - Evie Hammond - Cornucopia Radio

The Dreamers: A Play of Playing - Chromie - Bob Bohemian

Tales From Your Mom's Basement: "Vash Daring Vs. The Space Pirates" - Pirate, DeedeeHeather Gonzalez


Romeo and Juliet - Romeo - What You Will Shakespeare Co.

Twelfth Night - Olivia - What You Will Shakespeare Co.

Othello - Emilia - What You Will Shakespeare Co.

Cyrano de Bergerac Duenna - What You Will Shakespeare Co.

Pygmalion - Eliza Doolittle - Helen Hoffman

The Nerd - Tansy McGinnis - Nicholas Spindler & Nikolai Morse

The Diary of Anne Frank - Edith Frank - Penny Dreadful Players

Our Town - Mrs. Webb - Penny Dreadful Players

(a work in progress) Sharon - Penny Dreadful Players

School House Rock Live! - Jo - Erin Smith

Live-ActioN DubbiNg 

Noise (Ruido) - Paola, Liz, Additional Voices - Netflix



Lego City TV Spots - Mech-Max - Lego

"Fro-Yo" - Valentina - Indeed 

Incompatible Species"Your Way, Our Way" - Stephanie Arata

Paige - "Reading (Correct Version)" - Danny Mendiola

DirectiNg & CastiNg

Hamlet - Spoony Bard Shakespeare

I Hate Hamlet - New Revels Players

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) - What You Will Shakespeare Co.

The Winter's Tale - What You Will Shakespeare Co.

The Vagina Monologues (multiple years) - V Day at UIUC

Don't Fear the Reaper - Independent

Education & Training


Commercial Voiceover

Tina Morasco

Donovan Weyland
George Ackles

ANimatioN & Video Game Voiceover

Tony Oliver 

Patrick Seitz

Lisa Ortiz

Andrea Toyias

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Kevin McMullan

Jeremy Hall

Darren Dunstan

JP Karliak

Sarah Elmaleh

Stephanie Sheh

Valerie & Keith Arem 

David Sobolov

Bill Farmer

Kal-El Bogdanove
Julie Maddalena
Brad Grusnick

Jessica Kent
Marsha Goodman

Julia Bianco-Schoeffling

Zach Betka

Colleen Nuno-O’Donnell

Laura Stahl


Helen Hoffman
Andrea Stevens
Lori Newcomb
Matthew James Marquez


Shirley Owens (Classical, Musical Theatre)
Feargal & Breda King (Choral, Sacred)
Mark Bettcher (Jazz)
Amanda Brex (Choral, Classical)
Erin Smith (Choral, Classical, Musical Theatre)

Special Skills & Interests



English (native, fluent)
Spanish (basic)


Mezzo Soprano with Belt
Musical Theatre


Trumpet (jazz, classical, small ensemble, symphonic) 
Ukulele (beginner)
Alto Saxophone (beginner)


Softball (10 years, power hitter) 

Swimming (competent)


Standard North American

American Midwest (general, Chicago, Minnesota)

American South (general, Georgia/"Southern Belle", Texas/"Twang", Southwestern/"Ranch", Bayou)

American Northeast (general New York, New Jersey/working-class New York)

British (general, Cockney, RP)

Mexican (general, "Chola")

California ("Valley Girl", "Surfer")

General Eastern European

Will attempt others!


Telly Award - Fire in His Fingertips

Creature SouNds

Zombie/Undead Creature
Screechy Bird/Small Dragon/Big Reptile 
Small Mammal/Rodent
Bullfrog Croaks
Small Dog/Puppy




Script Adaptation (Shakespeare)

Video & Board Gaming

Drama, Literary, Film, and Media Analysis
Psychology (Developmental, Personality, Learning & Memory)
Epic EHR Certified (Registration, Scheduling, Patient Movement)


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