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Kim Does Other Stuff Too!



Kim is currently offering Audition Coaching through Adventures in Voice Acting! If you want an extra pair of ears to help you cut through to your best performance for an important audition, Kim will help you out! A lifetime of performing bolstered by a Psychology degree has given Kim quick instincts to help others find authentic, unique reads that still honor the spirit of the work. Kim offers 30-minute and 1-hour booking options.


Kim has been facilitating Peer Workouts (with Brian Timothy Anderson!) through Adventures in Voice Acting since Spring 2023, and they're going strong! Workouts are 2 hours long, cap at 10 participants, and are offered at least 3 times each month. Come meet fellow voice actors and learn and grow together!


Kim has assisted a number of working colleagues with Indie Demo Prep and Indie Demo Direction, and is now making those services official parts of her repertoire! These services are geared towards individuals with acting experience who are looking to make home-made demos to submit for indie casting opportunities. Kim will consult with you on character archetypes, showcasing your full range, and how to assess what types of projects best suit your natural skills. Additionally, Kim can direct your demo session, and provide input on demo flow/order once the demo has been mixed. Kim can also evaluate your current demo for a flat fee. Contact Kim directly for current pricing.


Kim is very passionate about creating opportunities for actors of all backgrounds, and bringing out the best in everyone. If you're looking for someone to help bring your vision to life, assemble a team of actors, and collaborate to create cohesive, interesting performances within a fully-realized project, Kim is the person to work with! Kim has cast and directed several theatrical shows, stage skits, indie on-camera projects, and helped direct talent to an even broader array of production types. Contact Kim directly with details about your project for a quote.


Did you know that Kim minored in English (and basically completed the coursework for a double major, but she didn't want to take one 1800's Lit class)? It's true! Kim has always adored the written word and has experience with writing and editing scripts, sketchescreative fiction, research papers, analytical essays, opinion pieces, technical and informational writing, character descriptions, speeches, and almost anything else you can dream up. She has also adapted Shakespeare! Extensively! Whether it's meant to stay on the page or end up comin' out of someone's mouth: if it's written, she can help you make it sound better. Let Kim know what kind of writing help you need, and she'll get back to you with a quote.

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